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1/5 Ti Tree Place
Byron Bay NSW

02 6685 7328


In 2000 when Peter and Cressy Campbell moved to Byron Bay from England, they soon realised how difficult it was to find the very best gourmet food.  Their family owned company sources, distributes and delivers high quality foods and delicatessen items across Northern NSW.

Whatever you need and whenever you need it, Blue Bay Gourmet will go the extra mile to make sure you have only the very best, delivered to your doorstep.


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Product Profile: Nomad Distribution

Peter Campbell

As their name would suggest, Nomad Distribution is a company that has searched far and wide globally in order to bring us authentic, high quality products to the public. With their main focus on Spanish cuisine, Nomad is an organisation that is driven by the aim of providing the necessary ingredients for beautiful Mediterranean dishes to be served in cafes, restaurants and bars across Australia..

Blue Bay Gourmet is proud to distribute Nomad's specially crafted products in the Byron Shire and surrounding area. Stay tuned to our Facebook ( this week for our showcases on a variety of these very special products crafted and created by an internationally renowned brand.

End of winter pasta sale!

Peter Campbell

This week we will be selling our high quality La Molisana pasta at never before seen prices! As winter is on its way out for the year, this might be your last chance to make beautiful, hearty dishes with this top of the range pasta. We will be selling fettuccine, penne, pappardelle, rigatoni and cannelloni which can all be used in a multitude of ways, as we will exhibit this week.

Originating in Molise, Italy in 1912, La Molisana has provided top quality pasta to the people of Italy before distributing internationally. The company is also known for the customised recipes they attach to every bag of pasta, specific to the shape, taste and style of product. 

Get in touch with us about how you can have these beautiful products in your cafe or restaurant at such a special price.

Coconut water - fad or fiction?

Peter Campbell

Coconut water has recently come out as a healthy alternative to energy drinks and sports drinks, because of its natural electrolyte balance that mirrors that of the human body. It's been endorsed by celebrities like Madonna, Demi Moore and Lara Bingle as mother nature's supplement for a healthy lifestyle and Blue Bay Gourmet is so excited to bring it to your doorstep. 

Please get in touch with us about Jax Coco, which has been verified by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation as the real deal. With chic and stylish packaging, coupled with a quality, healthy product within, we are committed to supplying Jax Coco products, namely their coconut oil and water to your business or home. With a myriad of health benefits, including slowing down the aging process, flushing out harmful bodily toxins and regulating blood pressure due to the high potassium content, coconut water is here to stay as a genuinely healthy alternative to many of the high sugar products out on the market. 

Contact Blue Bay Gourmet to place your order today!



Ask us about the latest trendy superfood

Peter Campbell

The latest superfood to sweep the agriculture and dining industries is the acai berry, and look no further than Blue Bay Gourmet to deliver the products straight to your business. Amazonia acai berries are packaged and distributed in a variety of forms, all of which will give you the nutritional value for your customer's meals. Amazonia's acai contains over 50 essential nutrients, many of which are unique to the soil of the Amazon, giving not only an extremely healthy product, but also one with delicious taste and exciting culinary dynamism and versatility.

Get in touch with us to find out how you can access this next trendy superfood direct to your door.